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Serving Miami, we fabricate stainless steel countertops, railings, hand rails, islands, cabinets, tables, benches…and anything else you can dream up!

From small individual or custom stainless steel pieces to complete commercial kitchens and installations – we do it all!

We feature many ready-to-build items for home and commercial use.

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Residential & Commercial

We are happy to provide our services to both residential and commercial customers.  No matter if you are looking to outfit your kitchen at home, or open a new bar/restaurant – we are here to help!

Custom Fabricated Just For You

While we do offer many standardized products, we can make anything.  You can create something from the ground up, or modify one of our existing items to fit your needs.  Whatever it is you desire, we can design and fabricate virtually any stainless steel fixture you can think of!

Whether you need a custom one-off stainless steel piece, or a production run consisting of hundreds or thousands of the same piece, we are equipped to meet your needs.  Our quality workmanship will ensure consistency with tight tolerances, precise welds, and durable products that stand the test of time.

High Quality Commercial and Residential Stainless Steel Tables

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Stainless steel can be a broadly used material to create furniture. The advantages of using metal fabrication furniture are its strength, corrosion free attribute. After our stainless steel fabrication Miami, stainless steel becomes rust resistant while offering extended-lasting finish. We’ve types of stainless steel table collections you can utilize for residential furthermore to commercial purpose. These tables include attractive designs and fit nicely in small spaces. Our stainless tables are extremely simple to assemble that’s transported effortlessly in one room to a different.

Commercial and Residential Stainless Steel Cabinets

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With regards to buying cabinets for commercial or residential use, there’s ignore good choice to Miami fabrication stainless steel. Besides supreme durability,  stainless steel provides several aesthetic finishing to include, such as the popular powder coat finish furthermore to patterned or perforated finishing. We at Miami Stainless Steel can personalize your stainless steel fabrication cabinets in a number of shapes or sizes that lots of carefully fits your own personal purpose. You will find just one cabinet or select the majority acquisition of cabinets. We, as metal fabrication experts, will likely prepare that will assist you.

Home and Commercial Stainless Steel Countertops

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If you are searching at upgrading your home space, then incorporating stainless steel countertops would be the most suitable choice you’ve ever made. Our steel countertop not just adds style for that kitchen but makes your existence a great deal simpler as it is almost low maintenance. For this reason it is the favourite material for commercial or residential kitchen countertops. Unlike other countertops created from wood or stone, our food-grade stainless steel is both heat and rust resistant, which makes it probably most likely probably most likely probably most likely probably most likely probably the most durable choice for kitchen purpose.

High Quality Commercial and Residential Stainless Steel Islands

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A kitchen area island may be useful in creating prep space, furthermore to seating or even offering additional kitchen storage. If you wish to enhance your where one can commercial-grade looks, a stainless steel kitchen island will be the most appropriate choice. Just one benefit that actually attracts our customer while choosing the stainless steel island over wood, or other materials, is its virtually low maintenance nature and sturdiness.

In situation you’ll need your Miami stainless steel island to fit your kitchen theme we offer Miami stainless steel fabrication when using the requirements of each client.

High Quality Stainless Steel Benches

We offer top quality durable stainless steel benches with innovative designs. These benches are available in an excellent design usually offering to seat for over a couple of people anytime. Though our stainless steel fabrication benches are frequently used outdoors, their stylish and classy designs may also play a crucial part in indoor decoration too. You are able to depend there outdoors garden or add elegance for that interior obtaining a sparkling hallway bench too.

Kitchen and Commercial Food Safe Stainless Steel Products

Manufacturers within the food industry must stay with very strict must avoid product contamination. For this reason we provide Food Safe Stainless Steel Items that are created from food-grade steel sheet metal. The accountable for using this type of steel is, really, it’s highly resistant against acids, alkalis, furthermore to chlorides or salt. Additionally, our customized Food Safe sinks, work tables, panels, countertops, prep tables, dish tables, shelving, are produced wealthy in-quality food safe Miami stainless steel fabrication to make sure absolute compliance with food rules of safety.

Why choose stainless steel?

After fabrication, stainless steel becomes very resilient and efficient. Because of these traits, these products produced from stainless steel are extended-lasting.

We sell several kinds of stainless steel products and they are produced from steel after fabrication. Our Miami stainless steel fabrication products may be used, for commercial and residential use.

Is stainless steel safe?

The most effective benefit of stainless steel it’s rust free rather of could possibly get corroded. Hence you can’t only use it official and residential purposes but doubles for food storage. Because of its corrosion-free nature, the food items products products stored remains safe and doesn’t turn sour.

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★★★★★ from Raymond B. onOctober 5, 2019This is a great company, very knowledgeable and they take care of their customers’ issues. I have had the product installed for a year. I would give them five stars every day if I could!

★★★★★ from Mark B. onNovember 2, 2019If you are looking for experts who know their trade and are very competitive, then check them out. You will not be disapointed.

★★★★★ from George S. onOctober 1, 2019My kitchen has a nice looking counter top, cabinets, and island now. They are easy to clean and look great. Thanks!

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